Our company was founded in 1931 as C C Deliadis, eventually evolving to SC Deliadis Ltd and its present form of Deliadis S.A. Representation. It has always been devoted to industrial representation. Today the company is managed by Spyros Deliadis and his son Konstantinos Deliadis. Both are graduate engineers.  Managing director Spyros Deliadis has been running the business since the early 80’s.

We hold exclusive agency agreements with the world’s leading manufacturers of industrial equipment and raw materials in selected industrial areas. Traditionally, our fields of activity are tobacco (cigarette manufacturing) and the paper making and converting sector, but over the years we have expanded into new fields such as packaging, food, dairy, metal extrusion, plastics and graphic arts.

The company is based in Athens and has a permanent staff of seven. Its financial performance has always been healthy, and it has recently diversified in new markets (Bulgaria, Romania). Besides the representation business, the company is also acting as importer / reseller in certain cases. 


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